Transferring to WWU and Finding the Ideal Student Apartment Community

Some university students drop out for a while because they have lost direction. They may have realized their chosen major isn’t a good fit, or a serious romantic relationship has ended. After transferring to Western Washington University, finding an apartment community with certain amenities could be a priority. Living in one of the higher-quality student apartments near WWU helps this individual get back on track academically and socially.

Examples of Amenities

Finding information about student apartments near WWU in a community with a fitness center and study lounge may seem like a dream come true. There’s no need to trek back to campus to work out or study in the library. An outdoor lounge and an indoor cafe are just two places where residents can meet and get to know each other.

Better Than Solo

Renting a small place solo might have been on the list of possibilities, but many people transferring to a different school are eager to quickly meet other students and make friends. An apartment community located close to campus and designed for student life is ideal.

Roommate Matching

The option of roommate matching is important since this student doesn’t know anybody at school yet. It’s especially comfortable since all residents have their own private bedrooms and bathrooms. This is substantially different than living in close quarters in a residence hall. The organization matches roommates by providing lifestyle surveys.

Detailed information on apartment and community features as well as a photo gallery can be viewed by visiting the website of Lark Bellingham.

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