Tree Service In Clearwater: Taking Care Of Life and Limb

by | Apr 13, 2013 | Construction And Maintenance

So you want to hire a tree service in Clearwater? But do you know that not all tree service companies in Clearwater operate with the kind of professionalism and perfection you may have expected of them? So how do you choose the perfect tree service provider who offers you more value for your money and less trouble and hassle?
Here is a brief guide on how to hire the best tree service company in Clearwater: 

  • To begin with, always ask for references from friends, neighbors and family and make note of the names they are suggesting. Ask about their experiences and the problems they encountered. Remember, the decision you are making will be a very expensive one if you have to learn from your own mistakes, so make sure you learn from the mistakes of others and make provisions accordingly.
  • Be careful of tree service companies demanding advance payments in Clearwater. If they are charging you for a consultation and initial estimate, they are people you need to be wary of. Demand a written estimate as well as a service contract before you pay any money.
  • In case the job you are hiring the tree service for is a dangerous one, make sure to check the tree service company’s proof of adequate insurance. Also demand to be shown certificates of liability and workman’s compensation insurance to make sure they are valid and current in Clearwater.
  • Also ascertain whether the tree service company is prepared for any emergencies or unforeseen problems on the job. For example, if you have hired them to remove tree limbs over telephone wires, what precautions are they suggesting and taking to minimize any potential damage to the phone lines? Check all these factors before you let them start work on your property in Clearwater.
  • A lot of big tree service companies already have provisions for repairing telephone or cable wires, but if they manage to disrupt your electrical service cable, that’s another story. Such an incident could disrupt the electrical supply of your entire neighborhood, so work with a reputable company.
  • Also make sure that the cost of the entire job is decided upon in advance. Make sure that you, as well as the tree service company, are absolutely clear about the job they are being hired to do and the unexpected situations they may come up against.

If you hire a professional tree service company, they will already be prepared for any incidents and they will discuss any changes before taking action. But do make sure you have the final estimate and a signed contract with any tree service in Clearwater at the start of the job.
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