Understanding Companionship Care in Great Falls, VA

Companion care is a type of home care that provides non-medical assistance to seniors and persons with disabilities. Companion care varies from personal care in that, depending on state requirements, personal care aides may offer companionship care in Great Falls, VA as well as assistance with duties such as washing, dressing, and medication administration. This type of care is primarily intended to provide emotional support and sociability.

How it Works

Companions from Capital City Nurses usually visit regularly. However, the frequency may vary depending on the requirements of the care receiver. Companions usually come once a week, but some come twice or three times a week, or even daily, to assist older persons with dinner preparation, washing, and other duties.

Appointments may cause schedules to change. Companions frequently rearrange their schedules to meet an older adult’s requirements or make other transportation arrangements if an appointment is planned outside of usual visit hours.

Does Your Loved One Need Companionship Care?

Older persons who live alone in their houses may ultimately find it challenging to manage daily domestic responsibilities. Companionship care in Great Falls, VA is frequently the initial step for families seeking assistance to enable their aging loved ones to stay in their own homes, whether they are experiencing a loss of mobility due to age or cognitive decline.

Companion care can help elders, especially if they no longer drive and don’t have access to reliable transportation. Furthermore, older folks who live alone and do not have many friends or family members who come regularly might tremendously benefit from the companionship provided by a companion.

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