Use Pink Chocolate Hearts for any Parties in Honor of Girls
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Pink chocolate hearts make a great favor at any birthday party because they are easy to hand out and well received by most everyone who loves chocolate. Whether you are putting a party together for a one year old or a 99 year old, you can use candy hearts as favors. A few of the more popular parties that include the color pink in every aspect of the party are 1st birthday parties for girls, Sweet 16 parties or a party for any woman who loves pink.

1st Birthday Party

The first birthday is a milestone birthday for any child. It marks the end of infanthood and the beginning of toddlerhood. Many parents love to lavish their child with a luxurious party for that 1st birthday to remember the day they were born and celebrate who they are today. Pink chocolate hearts make the perfect favor to hand out at these parties as a way to say thank you to the children and the adults who attend the party. You can choose to have them personalized with a saying of gratitude, picture of the birthday child or leave them plain.

Sweet 16

The 16th birthday is a bittersweet birthday for any parents. It’s the time at which teens seem to turn the corner toward adulthood, leaving their childhood behind. Many teens have a Sweet 16 birthday party to commemorate this special day. The typical Sweet 16 party is adorned with everything pink, including the decorations, food, cake, drinks and favors. Pink chocolate hearts make a great favor because they are simple, yet elegant, and when ordered from a quality chocolatier, they are delicious.

Feminine Parties

You don’t always need a special milestone reason to host a party. If you are a woman who loves pink, you can throw yourself a birthday party or one for a loved one just because. There are a variety of ways to host pink parties, whether for a birthday or just for fun. If you are ready to celebrate your day in pink, you can serve pink finger food, pink desserts, pink drinks and decorate your tables with pink chocolate hearts used as table scatters or as favors to send home with your guests as a reminder of the fun evening spent together.

Parties thrown in the honor of female children or women are always more fun when the theme is pink. There are a variety of girly things that can adorn your party to give it that luxurious feeling. Whether you are looking for the perfect addition to your décor or you need a favor to pass out to guests, pink chocolate hearts make a great choice for any occasion.

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