Visiting a Chiropractor in Chicago Following a Sports Injury

When an athlete visits a Chicago chiropractor because of an injury, the chiropractor may use spinal manipulation or mobilization to help the patient. They may also incorporate additional treatments to help with the pain. These include heat, electric stimulation, and ice.

When visiting Chicago chiropractors, patients should disclose all of their symptoms. This gives the chiropractor the information needed to make an informed diagnosis.

In addition to treating injuries, a chiropractor can help athletes prevent injuries. It is recommended that a person who is not accustomed to strenuous exercise talk to their chiropractor before starting an exercise regimen or sport. Athletes should have frequent evaluations from a chiropractor.

Chiropractors will check their patient’s spine and muscles to identify imbalances, remove tensions, and help their bodies work naturally to minimize the chances of injuries. All chiropractors can relieve pain and tension. However, sports chiropractors specialize in sports medicine.

Sports chiropractors can treat athletes and help them identify the source of their injuries. They focus on individuals who have chronic sports injuries. They may have sports-specific techniques for athletes to follow to avoid reinjury.

A person dealing with a sports injury or related pain should consider visiting a chiropractor. After the initial evaluation, it is wise to schedule regular checkups to prevent injuries from reoccurring. The goal is to keep your body performing properly.

Learn more about sports-related injuries and see how Chicago Chiropractic & Sports Injury Centers is helping people by providing acupuncture, physical therapy, spinal decompression, deep tissue therapy, and rehabilitation.

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