What a Probate Lawyer in Rockwall TX Wants You to Know

One of the toughest things a person may have to do is administrate the final affairs of a loved one. On top of being tough emotionally, it will be even a bigger issue, legally, if the loved one who passed away has not left a will. Many people die without leaving a legal will and it causes many loved ones who are the survivors to be at odds with one another over what is left. This is where a probate lawyer may come in handy. A probate lawyer in Rockwall TX helps many clients handle wills and probate processes. Here are some things clients should know about the process in Maryland.

A particular probate process is known as the administrative probate process. Being appointed or elected to serve as the personal representative of the loved one is a big responsibility. First, the representative will have to file the last will and testament of the deceased person in the proper probate court. Then the necessary paperwork must be prepared and filed in the probate court to officially approve the representative as the administrator of the estate.

More often than not, the person who has become the administrator of the estate has to be bonded so that the court will approve the person to have the right to manage the estate of the deceased. This bond is an insurance policy to protect both the creditors of the estate and the interests of the heirs. Once all these things have been properly done, the court will issue an order. This order lets the world know the representative has been made the administrator of the estate, barring anyone else from making decisions on behalf of the estate.

Obviously, this can be a lot of complicated legal work. Jack K. Robinson. has been providing estate and probate solutions for clients in the Rockwall TX area for more than 20 years. In addition to estate and probate law, she also helps with medical malpractice, elder law, real estate, guardianship, and special needs planning. Anyone interested in a probate lawyer in Rockwall TX can contact Jack K. Robinson.

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