What a Social Security Attorney in Joliet can do for You

by | Sep 16, 2013 | Law And Politics

Everyone relies on their body and learned skills to be able to perform a task that earns them money. Sometimes, the job takes its toll over time and breaks down the body, other times a sudden accident causes a crippling blow that makes working difficult or downright impossible. It’s at this point where filing for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) is the best option to maintain income while trying to heal or recover a level of function. The problem is, getting SSDI is not as easy as it seems. It’s best to work with a social security attorney in Joliet to get benefits started.

If you’re questioning why you should get a lawyer to file for a government benefit, here’s why: all it takes is for an employee of the agency to have a bad day to deny you. If you have one thing out of place, something that could be easily remedied with the stroke of a pen, the employee can use that as grounds to deny your application for benefits. Now you have to appeal the decision, further putting out the date that you can expect to receive benefits. You can’t wait; there is no way you can make money because you are physically disabled.

Working with a lawyer gives you access to an individual who knows the ins and outs of the agency, and how they treat applications. The lawyer helps you put together your application in accordance with the written and unspoken rules of SSDI. Some of the information required is medical documents that proves your physical disability and inability to work. It may be that your personal physician isn’t familiar with what is needed for your application. As a result, the medical paperwork isn’t correctly filled out or marked. The lawyer can send you to a specialist in your disability who is also familiar with filling out paperwork for SSDI.

You can’t live for very long with little to no income. It takes time to get Social Security benefits started. The sooner you start the application process, the sooner you get money coming in that replaces your lost income.

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