What Are the Benefits of Butterfly Knives? Should You Own One?

Butterfly knives are an excellent self-defense weapon, but they do take some practice to learn how to safely use them. Some people would say that everyone should have a butterfly knife to keep themselves safe.


Why are they so highly recommended for self-defense? You can quickly and effortlessly open the knife with just one hand. They are faster and easier to open than other folding knives because of their unique design in which both handle freely rotate.

Easy to Conceal

A butterfly knife fits comfortably in your pocket, and others aren’t able to tell that you have a knife on you. This is helpful in a self-defense situation to take a perpetrator by surprise and successfully defend yourself without struggling to access your weapon.

Can Be Used Without the Blade

If you are in a situation in which you aren’t able to open the knife, you can use it as a blunt-force weapon while it’s closed. You could use the handles to break a window when you need to escape as well. If you’re trapped in a car, break one of the side windows instead of the windshield because windshields are designed to not completely shatter for safety. Also, aim for the edge of the window because it’s weaker there than in the center.

Longer Blades

These knives have longer blades than other pocket knives because there’s more room for a longer blade in the design. You can get greater functionality out of the knife both for self-defense and everyday tasks.

Cool Tricks

These knives are also known for being used in intricate knife twirling tricks. You can use training knives that are blunted for your safety to learn how to skillfully twirl the knife.

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