What are the various mathematics disciplines?

Mathematics can trace its roots back to the dawn of time, many of the disciplines that are taught and used today are the results of an evolutionary process. Mathematics started with simple addition and subtraction, today highly complex forms have evolved including chaos and games theories. Although these complex are real, high school and the early years in college focus on more traditional disciplines, it is in these subjects that online math tutoring is most appreciated.
Algebra is the gateway to higher mathematics, depending on the skill of the student and the school’s curriculum, algebra studies begin as early as the 8th grade. In the first year of algebra study, the student is exposed to equations and how they are used to find unknown elements. The students may be exposed to algebraic equations that contain up to three variables.
After a student has had an introduction to algebra, usually the next taste of math is the study of geometry. There is a one year delay as second year algebra introduces geometric principles. Once the student is in university, the study of algebra and geometry are combined into a single common course, they are no longer separate.
Although algebra and geometry are real mathematical disciplines, they are actually introduced to youngsters before they actually know what they are doing. Simple equations of one or two steps along with understanding the basic formulas for measuring simple things like triangles, squares and circles are often well under way when the child is still in grade school. This early familiarity helps the student when they are introduced to the subjects as a discipline.
At the end of second year algebra some students will end their mathematics education, for those who don’t, they move on to trigonometry, that branch of math that deals with angles and different shapes. Many people are of the opinion that trig is nothing more than advanced geometry, while others see it as a separate discipline.
These three mathematics disciplines are those where online math tutoring is most often used. Without a solid understanding of these basic courses of study, further mathematic studies such as advanced calculus, statistics and probability become phenomenally difficult. Many math majors go on to earn advanced degrees.

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