What To Expect From Professional Pet Care In Alexandria, VA

In Virginia, animal clinics provide a variety of services for protecting the health of pets. The veterinarians are training for managing the health of all animal breeds. However, some vets specialize in the care of domestic pets only. A local animal clinic offers comprehensive Pet Care in Alexandria, VA.

Vaccinating Your Pet

Virginia state laws require all pet owners to vaccinate their pets for the rabies virus. Veterinarians recommend pet breed-specific vaccinations to lower the risk of common diseases as well. All pet owners receive tags and documentation for the vaccinations. The clinics offer services at competitive rates.

Microchipping and Monitoring

Microchipping is a vital solution that helps pet owners locate their pets when they are lost. The chips are implanted just under the skin and are linked to the pet owner’s cell phone. If the pet is returned to a clinic or animal shelter, a chip reader is used to gather information about the pet.

Annual Checkups for All Pets

Annual checkups are necessary for keeping pets healthy and monitoring underlying conditions. Veterinarians complete testing and full diagnostics for the pets each year. They look for age-specific conditions that threaten the pet’s health. Medications and specialized treatments are performed during the checkups at the pet owner’s request. Vets take samples to test the pets for parasites, test their blood for new diseases, and examine their skin and coat.

Dental Services and Oral Care

Dental services are vital for pets, too. The staff reviews the pet’s teeth and gums and identify any adverse conditions. All dental cleanings and treatments are available to the pets, including extractions and oral surgery. Dental services lower common health risks for the pets and lower the risk of periodontal disease.

In Virginia, animal clinics offer extensive care options for pets of all breeds. The services start with vaccinations for all animals, including dogs and cats. Microchipping services help reunite pet owners with their furbabies if they become lost. Annual checkups determine if the pet has any underlying conditions that warrant medical treatment. Pet owners who want to learn more about Pet Care in Alexandria VA are encouraged to Contact Hayfield Animal Hospital right now.

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