When Your Commercial Cooler Goes Haywire in Your Californian Restaurant

The beauty of owning and operating a restaurant in almost any part of California is that you are closer to fresh produce, fresh meat, a variety of wines produced in your home state, and millions of tourists that flock to California all year long. That said, you always want to be sure that your restaurant equipment is working properly. If you have a walk-in cooler go haywire, for example, then you need to look for commercial walk in cooler repair near California where your restaurant is located. There are a number of causes for something to go wrong with a walk-in cooler, so it is very important to find a professional company that can fix these particular commercial appliances.

The Californian Heat

Without a doubt, the heat in most of California gives rise to an increase in commercial refrigeration repair. Many a commercial walk in cooler repair near California and in this state occur when the days are the hottest. The coolers can only manage the heat so long before they burn out. Don’t worry; the pros are able to fix the problem and advise you on how to keep your coolers running without breaking down again.

Leaving the Coolers Slightly Open/Ajar

It is a common mistake to leave these major restaurant appliances open slightly or ajar in order to rush in, grab what you need, and rush out. However, that puts your cooler in a position to break down because it has to work twice as hard to maintain the expected temperature inside for safe food handling procedures. Always instruct kitchen staff to close the cooler completely.

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