Why Get Basement Finishing and Waterproofing Done?
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Studies conducted by Restoration Resources show that only 20 percent of basement finishing and Waterproofing solutions work if they are applied without any guidance. However, the success rate is considered to reach as high as 95% with help from professionals.

Reasons for Basement Finishing

Basement finishing is a comprehensive process that envelopes all activities ranging from installation of hardware and fixtures to waterproofing solutions. Since it is not regularly used, it is important to ensure a finish that requires less maintenance. Here are more reasons for getting it done:

1. High pressure due to weight of the structure: One of the major reasons for waterproofing solutions being a part of basement finishing is the high pressure on the basement. Basement in the lowermost part of a house that supports the entire weight of the house. This weight puts a lot of vertical pressure on the basement, especially on the concrete slabs and corners. This process stops the development of cracks, along with keeping water out at all times.

2. Lack of light and air: Another cause of damp walls in the basement is the lack of light and fresh air. Natural light and fresh air not only regulates moisture, but also acts as a catalyst in evaporation. The result is damp and soggy walls. Basement finishing ensures that water does not accumulate and they do not become damp with time. It also elongates the life of walls and floor.

3. Below ground level thus susceptible to water logging: Basements are also prone to water logging due to its location lower than the ground level. Any amount of water which comes in via a storm or seepage may accumulate in the basements. Basement finishing also include installation of proper under-slab drainage systems such that there is no water logging.

4. Presence of pipes and water heaters: It is especially important for houses with central water heating plants installed in the basement. This leads to dual causes of water accumulation. Any kind of pipes and sanitary fitting are bound to leak since warm water flows through them. This is a direct and relatively visible cause of water logging while any steam formed in the heating process condenses within the basement walls, becoming a source of moisture.

So, it is important to be careful while selecting basement finishing and waterproofing solutions, as a bad decision can cost lots of time and money. The right solution, on the other hand, increases the longevity and value of a house and keeps it free from microbial growth.

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