Your Home and Business Monitoring Solution

by | Nov 19, 2019 | Alarm Systems

Chances are the two places you care about the most in your life are your home and in the case of a business owner, your company’s location. By having both monitored at all times you can be sure that one is safe while you are in the other and vice versa. You can also check on both at all times no matter where you are anywhere in the world that has a cell phone signal or internet connection.

A Vacation Without Worries

You work hard and deserve to be able to take a vacation without the worry that your home or business is in danger of a disaster like a fire starting. By speaking to a company that offers fire alarm systems in Sedalia you can get the peace of mind you need to enjoy your vacation. As long as you have a cell signal or internet connection to your cell phone you can monitor your spaces. If a fire breaks out at either location, you will receive an alert on your phone and can view all of the cameras you have put in place. You can then see what is going on and decide if the alert is genuine and figure out if the fire department should be dispatched or not. It is an efficient and effective way to keep track of what is important to you.

Almost 40 Years of Experience

Nightwatch has been monitoring homes and businesses in the Sedalia area since 1980 and in that time, we have constantly evolved the service that we provide to our clients. With the development of our cell phone app we have found a way to offer our clients a more active role in keeping their properties safe. If you check our website today, you can get all of the information that you need and learn about the services we provide.

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