Your Wood Floor Store of Choice in Pueblo Colorado

If you’re looking for the right wood flooring for your home or office and you’re looking to work within a limited budget, you might want to check us out at Carpet Clearance Warehouse.

Now, we do specialize in carpets and carpet needs for homes and businesses. Through the years as we help our customers add a touch of warmth in their home and office, we’ve acquired the expertise of wood flooring as well.

We’re among the wood floor stores in Pueblo, CO.

What we’ve got is a selection of hardwood flooring whether you’d need one in solid pieces or engineered. At Carpet Clearance Warehouse, we offer you wood selections such as from Acacia, Solid Hickory and Solid Red Oak. Our new engineered wood is of natural Hickory. We’re offering you different wood shades from The High Country Collection right here in Pueblo Colorado.

Not only can we provide you with wood flooring but we’re also ready to install it for you. And we’re offering all at an affordable price. And for that, you’ll get a two-year warranty on our labor.

Carpet Clearance Warehouse will also provide you a free measurement of your living area where your flooring will be installed. Our professional staff will assist you to help you find the right wood flooring and complements that match your home improvement needs.

With over 30 years of serving the Pueblo community, we’re confident you’ll find a great deal when you source your wood flooring material from us. Give us a call at 719-542-4488 as your choice of wood floor stores in Pueblo, CO. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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