2 Types of Aluminum Plates to Consider Using for Your Kitchen Project in WI

Browsing online, you have found the perfect idea to replace your kitchen’s countertops with something more durable and easier to clean. You have decided on replacing your standard boring countertops with aluminum plates and have also decided to use aluminum to add a few shelving units. You are perhaps still deciding if you should tackle this project on your own. Whether you decide on doing it yourself or decide on hiring a contractor to do it for you, one thing is for certain. You will need to procure the necessary aluminum material. Before you go back online and search, “Where can I buy aluminum plates near me?” here are 2 types of aluminum plates you should consider using for your kitchen project.

2024 Aluminum Plate
This type of aluminum plate is primarily alloyed with copper, like other 2000 series aluminum plates. It contains manganese and magnesium. It may also contain small amounts of chromium, silicon, and titanium. 2024 aluminum plates offer a high strength-to-weight ratio and superior fatigue resistance.

7075 Aluminum Plate
Similar to the previously mentioned plate, the 7075 aluminum plate also offers top-notch fatigue resistance. This type of plate is primarily alloyed with zinc. It also contains small traces of manganese, magnesium, copper, and silicon. 7075 aluminum plates are considered to be one of the strongest aluminum alloys available and are highly corrosion-resistant.

Aluminum Plate Supplier in WI
These are only to mention 2 types of aluminum plates you should consider using for your particular application. You are now perhaps searching online and typing. “Where can I buy aluminum plates near me?” and find that there are several suppliers to choose from. When searching for the best aluminum plate supplier, consider choosing a reputable company that also offers custom aluminum manufacturing services to ensure they understand your specific needs.

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