Why Using 7075 Aluminum Is a Very Smart Choice for Your Manufacturing Needs

If you are wondering what the best aluminum alloy is that you can use for machining purposes, look no further than an alloy known as 7075 aluminum. There are many reasons why experienced machinists state that they strongly prefer this variety. Here are just a few of them.


This type of aluminum is renowned for its strength. As far as alloys that are available on a mainstream basis, it is by far the strongest. In fact, it has been compared to steel in terms of strength, but this aluminum alloy has the added benefits of being lightweight and resistant to corrosion

Visually Appealing

Aluminum that has been graded as 7075 is also known to be visually stunning with a very appealing reflective surface. This surface diminishes or even eliminates the need to paint the surface of the aluminum or add any other kind of coating. In industries where even a fraction of an ounce can make a huge difference, this is an important factor to consider.

Stress Support

Due to the durability of aluminum 7075, it can be used in such applications as aircraft manufacturing. One reason for this is its expanded fatigue strength. Even though this type of aluminum cannot be welded, it still has plenty of uses. In fact, it is widely used in military applications.

Before ordering large amounts of this rating of aluminum, request samples from the manufacturer. This allows you to experience the finished product before you sink too much money into the metal.

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