2 Types of Equipment to Acquire for Your Development and Testing Lab

For decades you have been working as a lab assistant, developing and testing several types of products for efficacy and quality assurance. Now, you are interested in opening your own development and testing lab and are wondering what types of equipment you should acquire first. Here are 2 types of equipment you should procure for your lab.

Vertical Grinding Mill

Vertical grinding mills are designed to grind and disperse material. Built with performance in mind, a vertical grinding mill can be used for applications that involve agriculture, chemical coatings, paints, dyes, minerals, paper coatings, and more. It can also eliminate fugitive vapor emissions when fitted with a sealing kit.

Small Batch Water-jacketed Lab Grinding Mill

Another piece of equipment you should consider acquiring for your lab is a small batch water-jacketed lab grinding mill. A small-batch grinding mill, specifically one that can be adapted for operation on a utility drill press, is used primarily for sample preparation before analysis. This mill is beneficial to have in applications where temperature control is necessary.

Who to Buy From

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