Getting Trained to Become a Dialysis Technician in New York or Pennsylvania

There are a wide variety of careers available for people looking to enter the field of medicine as a technician. Understanding the type of available technician careers is the firsts step in making a good career decision. All medical technician careers require specialized training and certification to become employed in the field.

Dialysis Technician

Most people who enter the field of medicine want to be a part of helping people get healthy. One of the most satisfying technician careers can be a dialysis technician. Unlike nursing and medical doctor degrees, a dialysis technician career does not take a long time to obtain.

Typical dialysis technicians can complete their coursework within several years. Candidates must have graduated high school and must successfully complete a nephrology technician training program.

Getting Dialysis Technician Certification

Dialysis technician training can be handled in one of two ways. Students may either enter an associate degree program specializing in dialysis care or enter into a dialysis technician certificate program. The dialysis technician associate degree is a two-year college degree program. The dialysis technician certification program is generally completed as a one-year program.

Once the basic education requirements have been met, candidates must become certified as a technician. This is done by completing either a BONENT exam or an NNCC exam.

Successful candidates must display a proficiency for dialysis equipment knowledge, clinical knowledge of nephrology, hemodialysis and proper medical terminology, as well as completing time in a clinical setting.

If you are looking to become a dialysis technician Dialysis4Career-Dialysis Technician Training offers a comprehensive training program for candidates who wish to enter this rewarding career. You can learn more about their program opportunities.


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