7075 Aluminum: Characteristics and Industrial Applications

Could your project or application benefit from the use of 7075 aluminum plate? This aluminum alloy is durable and strong and is utilized for a range of fabrication requirements involving machines, equipment, and various components. Reliable suppliers with extensive knowledge and experience regarding these alloys, including 7075, can help you obtain and implement the particular aluminum alloy you need in your application. Regardless of your requirements, you can count on a seasoned metal supplier to help you access the shapes and sizes you need for your project.

Let’s go over the various characteristics and industrial applications of 7075.

Characteristics of 7075
As a flexible and durable material, 7075 aluminum alloy is available in various tempers, including 7075-0, 7075-T6, 7075-T651. A number of materials comprise configuration of this alloy, including silicon, aluminum, chromium, iron, and magnesium. The resulting alloy from the incorporation of these elements is stronger than basic aluminum and gains specific advantageous characteristics. End users can benefit from the solid machinability and good strength-to-weight ratio characteristics of this alloy.

7075 Industrial Applications
A number of different applications can benefit from the use of the 7000 series aluminum alloys. The lightweight and toughness characteristics of grade 7075 are beneficial for use in the automotive, aerospace, aircraft industries, as a result of its malleable yet strong composition. This alloys often used in various structural components, including fuses, gears, valves, and other parts that handle high stress levels. An experienced aluminum metal supplier serving your area can provide you with a high quality 7075 alloy of aluminum you need.

Welding and Machining
Grade 7075 of aluminum alloy possesses some similar qualities of other aluminum alloys due to the fact that it is easy to machine. It is also easier to machine and manage when it is in its annealed state rather than its cold state. Although forming is less of an issue in its annealed state, forming this alloy is not often recommended. As it concerns welding, the use of resistance welding with this 7075 aluminum alloy can provide sufficient results. However, it is not recommended to use other types of welding, such as gas or arc welding due to the fact that the natural anti-corrosion capabilities of 7075 may be reduced as a result.

If you are interested in utilizing 7075 alloy of aluminum for your applications, contact an experienced aluminum metal supplier serving your area today.

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