A Basic Guide to Bath Fan Installations in St. Charles IL

A bath fan is an essential component that you can find in almost every restroom nowadays. It’s designed to keep the bathroom air clean and fresh by sucking out the air inside and keeping the room ventilated. This prevents bad odors from lingering in the bathroom for longer periods of time. However, bath fan installations are not simple plug-and-play procedures. Instead, you will need to hire a professional to install an exhaust fan in your bathroom. Here is a brief guide to help you with bath fan installations.

Choose the Right Fan

Installing a small exhaust fan in a large bathroom is a bad idea. It won’t do you any good, and it will simply waste electricity. Exhaust fans for bathrooms are available in many sizes, and usually need to be installed on the side facing outwards. A bracket will be made in the wall for the exhaust fan to be installed. If you don’t want a bracketed fan, you might want to consider having a false ceiling installed and connect the exhaust fan overhead to your air duct system in the house.

The Installation Process

If you want a bracketed fan, the company will first create a gap in the wall and fix the fan in place. An electrical connection will then be made with the exhaust fan accordingly and the wiring will be concealed. Because there’s a risk of splashing, bathroom fan installations in St. Charles IL always involves concealed wiring. The electrical wire itself is thickly insulated to minimize the risks of short circuits or electrocution.

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