A Guide to Bringing Your Cat to the Vets in Phoenix

Although taking a dog to one of the fine vets in Phoenix may not be a big deal, taking a cat can be a traumatic experience for everyone involved. But your cat’s health is important, and therefore, it must be done. Cats tend to be a little more anxious and on edge about traveling in the car and going to new locations. Some would probably be happy sitting on the same shelf, looking at the same window for the rest of their life. If you approach the trip to the vet with some planning and tact, you may make the experience less distressing for you and your cat.

The Carrier

This piece of equipment is going to go a long way to making the trip to the vets in Phoenix a little less traumatizing. First, the carrier will keep your cat safe during the car ride and during the office visit. You should fill the carrier with things from home. The week before your appointment, put a blanket near where your cat tends to spend a lot of time. Place that blanket in the bottom of the carrier as well as plenty of treats and toys. Instead of quickly placing your cat in the carrier, put it out with a few treats around. Allow your cat to become comfortable with it first. Cats can easily get carsick, so it may be a good idea to hold off feeding them until after the trip.

At the Vet

Keep calm. If your cats sense your anxiety, it will only heighten their own. While in the waiting room, keep your cat in the carrier. This will keep them safe from other animals and possible illnesses. Whenever it is time for the exam, let the professionals handle your cat. Even the best tempered cat can get frazzled under the stress of the vet.

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