A Shiny and Sleek Look Offered by the Pet Grooming Center in Lorton VA

by | Apr 16, 2019 | Animal Hospital

When the family pet gets sick the entire family feels bad. Even pet brothers and sisters know something is wrong. They become very quiet not knowing what to expect. Finding a veterinarian in the area is most important to the family right now. One that will take very good care of their beloved pet and do everything they can to make it well again. Some of the veterinarians in the area have received a referral accreditation from places like the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA). They also list resources for pets online which include the American Veterinary Medical Association and the American Kennel Club. They do this because they know which sites are trustworthy and want to convey those sites to their clients.

Many Services Offered

When pets regularly see a veterinarian, they also receive a wellness exam every year to make sure they don’t have any hidden illnesses getting ready to crop up. If animals require lab testing including blood tests and x-rays of the body and teeth, they can be taken care of at the office. Vaccinations, wellness exams, and flea and tick prevention can be taken care of in one visit. If a pet gets sick, they can be seen the same day so they’ll be on the road to recovery much sooner. Dental care is offered by staff professionals at the veterinarian’s clinic. The Pet Grooming Center in Lorton VA will make sure a pet’s coat is shiny and their toenails are clipped.


If a pet is being seen for the first time, right now Crosspointe Animal Hospital is offering a discount of $25 off the first exam. Payment is expected the day the pet is seen. They offer pet parents a CareCredit which is normally approved in a few minutes. With CareCredit payments can be made in six monthly installments. Clinics also accept various pet insurance plans, cash, plus debit and credit cards.

Pet Boarding

While pets are boarded for a few days, they can receive a new look with soft, shiny fur when they’re groomed at the Pet Grooming Center in Lorton VA. They’ll be happy, well fed, exercised and well groomed by the time their owner gets back in town. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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