How to Choose the Best Firewood for Your Wood Fired Oven?

When you first purchase a wood fired oven, there are a couple of important things you need to learn about it to make sure you end up getting the most out of your oven and you are using it correctly.

Since the appliance is called a wood-fired oven, it’s critical to know what the best type of firewood to use is. How can you choose the best firewood for your oven? We will now take a few moments to go into more detail.

What Are the Best Kinds of Wood to Start With?

When you are first getting your wood fired oven set up, the best woods to start with are dry ones, such as hardwoods, which are often well seasoned and durable. These include woods, such as oak, ash, birch, beech and maple. Oak is the best for beginners to practice with because it’s easy to find and burns much hotter than most other woods.

The reason hardwoods are so great to start with is because they weigh significantly more than softwoods so they are able to generate more heat as proportional to their volume.

What Other Types of Woods Are Great for Your Wood Fired Oven?

Another great type of wood you can use is fruitwood, which is a popular choice due to both its excellent aroma and overall reliability. The most common types of fruitwood used include apple, almond, pear, hickory, cherry and pecan. Apple is one of the most popular choices, both because of the high temperatures it generates and its excellent aroma and flavor.

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