Auto Accidents in Work Zones

Anyone who drives regularly understands that roads need to be repaired. Winter weather causes potholes on city streets to grow large enough to swallow small cars, and our highways are subjected to the weight of thousands of vehicles each and every day—not to mention the damage caused by winter salting. Roadways that are allowed to stay in disrepair are dangerous, and most drivers appreciate the necessary work our road crews perform—despite the inconvenience of construction zones and detours.

However, there is another issue concerning road construction work zones that is much more serious than a bit of inconvenience. In fact, few people realize how hazardous these areas can become when they are not properly maintained. If you have been seriously injured in any type of auto accident at chicago, Shea Law Group has the experience and knowledge necessary to achieve the positive outcome you deserve.

Work Zone Hazards

There has been a great deal of emphasis on the safety of workers in work zones, as there should be. We see public service messages reminding us to drive cautiously and maintain a slower speed as we pass through these areas. Many states, including Illinois, have increased fines for tickets issued in work zones. These are all important steps to keeping people safe while they perform their jobs.

Conversely, there is much less publicity in regards to improper set-up and maintenance of work zones and the accidents that occur because of these situations. Improper cone placement, missing signs, and debris in the road can cause serious accidents, even at the reduced speeds required in construction zones.

If you or a member of your family has been seriously injured due to an accident that occurred in a work zone, you should meet with a knowledgeable Chicago auto accident lawyer as soon as possible. You may not even know whose fault the accident was, as these zones can be very confusing to drive through. The situation may have been made worse by equipment that was obstructing the view or debris in the roadway.

Never assume it is your fault because the accident occurred in a construction zone—safety rules are often neglected in the name of expediency. Keep in mind that State and local laws limit the time you have to file a claim, so contact an attorney without delay.

Reach out to an Experienced Lawyer

When it comes to work zone accidents, our team of legal experts has handled many of these cases and we understand that the driver is not always wrong. Contact Shea Law Group at (877)-365-0040 and book a no-obligation consultation to discuss your case today.

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