Build New or Remodel? Let a Commercial General Contractor in Jacksonville Define the Pros and Cons of Each Option

As trends evolve, commercial building owners frequently find themselves needing to upgrade a building to meet changing market conditions. Because remodeling can create disruptions, many business owners have trouble weighing the pros and cons of remodeling or moving to a new building. A Commercial General Contractor in Jacksonville can help business owners decide which option will best meet their needs.

Maintaining a Customer Base

One of the issues every business owner faces when building needs change is losing their customer base. When a business moves, there is a solid chance a percentage of the customer base won’t visit the new location. In some cases, that number may be smaller and a new location would add customers to replace any lost during the transition. However, that’s always a guessing game, and it’s important to carefully explore the conditions at each potential location before making any decisions.

Dealing With Disruptions During a Remodel or Move

Disruptions will occur whether the business stays in the current space during a remodel or moves to a new location. Reviewing the potential losses related to moving or remodeling will require some careful analysis by experts to determine what losses should be anticipated. The Commercial General Contractor in Jacksonville will certainly work with a client to mitigate potential losses throughout either process.

Planning is Always Important

Whether constructing a new facility or remodeling an existing one, careful planning will minimize the financial impact on a business. When the contractor, designers, and business owners work together, there are strategies that can reduce any loss of business. Timelines are always vital for any construction project, and the contractors are sensitive to the needs of business owners. Careful scheduling means projects will be completed by the scheduled deadlines, and business owners can look forward to enhanced profits in the future.

If you’re unsure of the best way to proceed, the first step should be to discuss the business needs with design and construction professionals. They will help any business owner determine whether remodeling or building a new facility would make the most sense. Get more information by contacting Live Oak Contracting and get started on the path to increased business for the future.

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