Can You Get Social Security Disability for PTSD in Knoxville?

by | Mar 2, 2021 | Lawyers and Law Firms

You might wonder if you can qualify for Social Security Disability benefits if you have PTSD from a traumatic event. The question is not one that can be answered easily. It would be best to hire a reputable Social Security attorney in Knoxville to represent you. You’d need to meet certain criteria to qualify. Some of the qualifications you’ll have to meet are:

You Will Suffer From PTSD Long-Term

One important factor in SSDI cases is medical documentation. You will have to have a good doctor who will document your situation properly. To qualify for SSDI, the doctor must expect you to suffer from the problem for longer than 12 consecutive months.

The PTSD Severely Limits Your Functionality

The symptoms of PTSD will have to have an extremely adverse effect on your functionality to qualify. For example, you may qualify if they prevent you from forming healthy relationships with other people or they cause you problems concentrating. Again, this information has to be well documented by a professional. You also should have an excellent Social Security attorney in Knoxville in your corner.

You Can’t Perform Gainful Employment

You need to be unable to perform gainful employment because of your PTSD to qualify, and it must be for the reasons above. You could very well qualify if you have an issue working because of the undue stress that your PTSD memories bring to you.

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