What to Expect from Gorgeous & Charming Student Apartments

Many families have cottages located near the ocean or in a beautiful forest somewhere. These home-away-from-homes are part of a family’s personal history spending time together with those that are cherished the most. Something akin to that is what to expect from gorgeous and charming student apartments in Fort Collins.

More Than Student Housing, This is a True Friendly Community

This region of the state is well-known for its scenic wonders and thriving wildlife. Many college students spend years in this area studying to have the knowledge and experience to pursue their wildest future career dreams. This particular quiet and simply enchanting student housing complex is much more than just a place to live. This is truly a student living community. The amenities that the lucky students share include a gaming lounge area, beautiful decor, high-end furnishings, a spa-reminiscent pool, hot-tubs, and a relaxing steam room among many other perks.

Choose Your Favorite Residence Preference

This student housing community offers several fantastic residence options. Choose from cottage-style apartments or townhomes with 4 to 5 bedrooms. There are a private bedroom and private bathroom for each student residence which is a great feature. These residences are spacious, and balconies are included with some apartments. An in-unit laundry, Internet, and security system are included in these comfortable student apartments for Fort Collins college students.

Pets Welcome Too

Students that live in this upscale living community can bring their cherished pets along too. Contact The Cottages of Fort Collins for more information!

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