Cataracts Surgery in Ponte Vedra Helps Seniors Enjoy Clearer Vision

Cataracts are a condition that occurs when the lens of the eye becomes clouded, which leads to progressive loss of clear vision. Surgery to remove the cataracts is the standard treatment for restoring vision. We provide cataract surgery Ponte Vedra patients require for improved vision, with board-certified, fellowship-trained ophthalmologists in a caring, professional environment.

Risk Factors For Cataracts

Aging, exposure to ultraviolet rays from the sun, smoking, diabetes, and the use of steroid medications are risk factors that contribute to the development of cataracts in the eyes. A family history of cataracts is also a factor. If you are obese or have high blood pressure, you are more likely to develop cataracts of the eyes.

What Happens During Cataracts Surgery?

You will need to arrange someone to drive you home after your surgery. During your cataract surgery procedure, you will receive drops to numb the surface of the eye. A sedative is administered to relax you during the procedure. The surgery itself only takes a few minutes, and recovery is generally quick and without complications. After a short rest period, you will be allowed to go home. Your follow-up visits will ensure that healing has been completed normally.

For Cataract Surgery Ponte Vedra Area

With our reputation for quality and patient care, we will ensure you have a smooth surgical procedure and fast recovery. For cataracts surgery Ponte Vedra residents can trust, contact Florida Eye Specialists,, at their Ponte Vedra Beach location for an appointment to learn how cataracts surgery can help improve your vision.

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