Helpful Tricks to Use to Find Pet-Friendly Apartments Near FSU

If you are planning to move with your furry friend to Florida State University, then the on-campus option won’t be suitable. Instead, you’ll have to search for pet-friendly off-campus housing. While finding pet-friendly apartments near FSU can be a challenge, using the following tricks can help you find a suitable accommodation:

Create a Pet Resume

While many people find this odd, creating a pet resume helps sell your pet to your potential landlord. Much like a job resume, the pet resume should contain important details such as the name and photo of the pet, health documents, breed, and training certificates. More importantly, you may want to include recommendations from previous landlords, trainers, and vets.

Offer to Pay a Pet Deposit

While the number of pet-friendly apartments near FSU is limited, paying a pet deposit can help you overcome the cut-throat competition. Since the deposit is a one-off payment, it’s usually worth risking. Therefore, find out what amount you should pay to the landlords to allow your pet in.

Look For Private Landlords

The majority of student apartments near FSU are professionally managed. While such kinds of management often have strict policies regarding pets, working with them may be a challenge. However, private landlords are easy to negotiate with. So long as you can prove to work within their demands, finding an apartment won’t be a headache.

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