Choosing a Personal Injury Attorney in St Petersburg FL

by | Jun 24, 2020 | Law Firm

Do you need a Personal Injury Attorney in St Petersburg FL to represent you in an injury case? Bulluck Law Group handles personal injury claims and offer legal advice to their clients. They can help potential clients in the St Petersburg FL. Every lawyer at this firm has at least 15 years of experience representing clients in personal injury disputes. They have access to many health professionals and experts that can potentially provide evidence supporting your claim. They give their clients personal attention, and consider phone calls with you very important.

You may wonder if you have a case. The simplest answer is that you truly do not know if you have a claim that has potential, without consulting a Personal Injury Attorney in St Petersburg FL first. Was your injury the responsibility of another person or business? You could also have a claim if you suffered severe mental distress.

You should bring a number of documents with you when you consult with a personal injury lawyer. The more documentation and evidence you have, the better chance your claim has of success. If you have not had the opportunity to collect these items, your attorney can collect them for you. Some of the documents you might need are an accident report, which provides details of the accident as recorded by the responding police officer, and medical reports that clearly describe the injuries you sustained and their ongoing impact on your health. Additionally, you might need to bring insurance information from the driver at fault, your driver’s license, medical insurance information, auto insurance documents and pictures of any injuries and the accident scene.

If your attorney decided that your claim has legal justification, then he will ask you to sign a retainer agreement. After this, your lawyer will begin consolidating information to build your case. Bulluck Law Group handles all types of personal injury cases, like auto accidents, truck accidents, bike or motorcycle accidents, defective products, brain injuries, oil well injuries, railroad related injuries, dog bites and workplace injuries. This firm will fight for justice and negotiate for the best possible outcome for your case.

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