Why Waterproofing? This High-Tech Treatment Offers More Than Water Resistance

Foundation problems spell the doom of any building, whether it’s a state of the art shopping mall or a 100-square-foot garage. As the experts at Apex Water Proofing will tell you, the damage to the majority of failing foundations is caused by water.

Most concrete formulas aren’t waterproof, and they’re easily permeated by water vapor leaching out of the surrounding soil or gathering inside the foundation. In addition to making a nice damp home for all manner of molds and bacteria, a lack of good water proofing can let water build up in the soil around the foundation, causing it to buckle or sink. Waterproofing foundation concrete helps repel water and redirect it to the drains at the base of the foundation.

Water and weather-proofing outdoor surfaces, from parking lots to decks and patios, is equally important for safety and upkeep.

Commercial Advantages

Between sales floors, stock rooms, and parking lots and walkways, concrete is the literal base of any commercial space. Good weatherproofing is an ideal solution for any surface, indoor or outdoor. Our high-quality urethane treatments improve durability and reduce wear and help prevent cracking. Outdoor areas stay clean, attractive, and undamaged, and you save money on repairs, maintenance and replacements.

We also offer a wide variety of specialty treatments to match any contract specification, from skid-proof to high heat resistance to heavy shock and impact absorption, and even specialty flooring for hospitals and clean rooms.

At-Home Solutions

Patios, driveways, and decks all benefit from good concrete waterproofing treatments. Whether you’re building a house from the foundation up or just rejuvenating a run-down back porch, Apex Water Proofing’s weatherproofing systems can keep your home safe, solid, and attractive for years to come. If you’re still in the planning stages, take a look at Apex Water Proofing’s primer on basic waterproofing solutions, and then give us a call to find the waterproofing product that’s right for your needs.

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