Circulating Fresh Air Once Again After Screen Repair in Orange Park

Even though the screen on your patio might be thin, it performs a few important jobs. It keeps bugs out of your home when you have the main door open, and it allows fresh air to flow through your home so that you don’t have to keep your air conditioner on, which can save money. Sometimes, the screen can get damaged, resulting in not being able to open the interior door until it’s fixed. A patio screen repair Orange Park company can look at the door to determine if the entire area needs to be replaced or if it can be patched.


Before making any repairs, you need to have the proper materials. If you’re replacing the entire screen, then you can usually use just about any material you want as long as it’s cut to the size of the door. If you’re only going to repair the damaged area, then you want to use the same type of screen so that there is a cohesive look and texture.


After obtaining the needed materials, you can begin removing the screen from the frame. If you’re repairing the screen, then you only need to cut a section out and pry it from the frame. A patio screen repair Orange Park company can carefully remove the material if you’re unsure of how to get it away from the frame without causing any further damage.


Before the frame is installed in the door again, you need to make sure the screen is secure. Tighten the screen once it’s cut so that it doesn’t have any give that could result in more damage in the future. When you install the frame in the door again, you need to nail each side in place so that it’s tight. Keep in mind that you want to be able to raise and lower the window on the door as well.

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