How Does Lap Band Surgery in Las Cruces Work?

One intervention used for individuals who are obese is a surgical treatment. Lap band surgery in Las Cruces constricts the stomach so the individual will feel full after a small amount of food. Some facts on gastric band surgeries include these key points:

  • Lap band surgery in Las Cruces is a type of weight loss or bariatric procedure.
  • The procedure is minimally invasive, adjustable and reversible. It simply decreases the size of the stomach so food intake is reduced.
  • The procedure involves putting an inflatable band around the top of the patient’s stomach. The result is the person feels full after eating smaller amounts of food.
  • Immediately following the procedure, the individual can only consume liquids with a slow introduction to soft foods over the next six weeks.
  • Lap band surgery in Las Cruces can result in weight loss and help improve some medical conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure.

How Does the Band Work?

Once the band has been surgically placed around the top of the stomach, the surgeon will inflate it by injecting the band with a saline solution. There can be adjustments to alter how much the stomach is constricted. The band is placed so a small pouch is created above it and the rest of the stomach below it. The pouch fills with food quickly and makes the patient feel fuller. Greatly reducing the intake of food helps with weight loss.

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