What to Know about Bail Bond Services in Oklahoma City

by | Oct 14, 2019 | Bail Bonds Service

The thought of anyone having to spend time in jail, even for a night, is more than many people can bear, so if that comes up, they look for options. Spending a night or more in jail comes when a person is arrested and can’t afford the bail a judge sets at an arraignment. This is the time when the arrested person will look for other sources of the bail money, usually in the form of a bail bonds agency. One agency provides Bail Bond Services in Oklahoma City and wants clients to know what to expect.

What to Know about Bail Bonds Services

Anyone who uses a bail bonds agency to get out of jail will have to pay a fee of normally 10 percent of the full bail. After this, the bail bonds agency will require individuals to post some form of collateral, as kind of an insurance policy against the full bail. Collateral that are accepted could be a home, a condo, stocks, bonds, a boat, expensive jewelry, or an automobile. If the defendant doesn’t have them, a family member or friend can put up collateral.

What Else to Know about Bail Bonds Services

The collateral will be returned to whoever posted it as the conclusion of the defendant’s hearing, no matter who what the verdict. However, this only applies if the defendant shows up to the scheduled hearings pertaining to the case, the collateral will be forfeited, and may even be foreclosed upon until the bail bonds agency gets its money. This would be a terrible thing if the collateral belonged to someone else, leaving the defendant with a bad reputation with the family member or friend.

Getting a Bail Bonds Agency for Help

Bail bonds agencies are established wherever there are jails in order to help defendants get freed from jail. A Absolute Bail Bonds is an agency that provides services to help defendants get out of jail, as well as other bail bonds services. If a defendant needs Bail Bond Services in Oklahoma City, the agency is available for service. For more information, visit the agency on Facebook.

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