Commercial Brick Oven for the Perfect Italian Pizza

There’s a reason why Italian pizzas are known to be the best in the world. Their authenticity lies in the type of oven used – brick ovens. This baking practice dates back to the 1800s when Italian pizza vendors used to sell pizza on the streets of Naples. As time passed and modernization evolved, efforts to replicate the original Italian pizza have prevailed with so many innovations. Nevertheless, nothing remains closest to the original thing as baking pizza in a brick oven.

Commercial Pizza Ovens For Sale make this dream a reality in modern times. They provide a fantastic solution to most Italian pizzeria’s dilemmas – achieving the original Italian pizza.

But what exactly makes pizzas baked in brick ovens the best? What is it with the original Italian pizza that makes even modern-day pizza enthusiasts go loco?

Its unique smoky flavor

Brick oven-baked Italian pizzas are so rich in flavors. Because of the better heating mechanism produced in brick ovens, the vegetables retain not only their nutritional composition but also their flavors. In most cases, the extremely high temperature at the top of the oven causes the pizza toppings to roast, giving them a slightly caramelized edge.

Its mouth-watering crust

The high temperature makes the outer crust crisp while keeping the inner crust firm. This creates an excellent mouthfeel for every bite. The heating also gives the crust an appealing color.

With commercial pizza ovens for sale, achieving the original Italian pizza is just within arm’s reach for pizzerias anywhere.

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