Hiring Christopher Dixon Oxford Advisory Group for Your Retirement Account

Retirement is probably the most underappreciated aspect of your financial life. Retirement may be decades away for some, so many people think you don’t need to start addressing it now. Others believe their position is hopeless since they are so far behind on their retirement funds. Neither of these statements is correct.

It’s difficult to plan for retirement. Early assistance may be the key to retiring successfully, but even if you’re older and behind on your funds, using Christopher Dixon Oxford Advisory Group can help you spot opportunities for improvement.

Why Use Independent Investors Instead of Banks?

One of the biggest reasons to hire independent investors such as Christopher Dixon & Samuel Dixon is because of the objectivity they bring to the table. Many times banks will encourage you to only invest in their mutual funds. In contrast, an independent investor will encourage you to spread out your investments to diversify your portfolio. Independent investors also provide you with a personal touch, and they are more likely to know their clients on a personal level.

What You Can Expect

When you sit down with a financial advisor from the Christopher Dixon Oxford Advisory Group, they will want to discuss your financial outlook. This conversation will involve talking about current assets, including investments, any future inheritances, real estate you might own, and anything else of value. Then the topic will move toward what kind of debts you currently owe, including medical, loans, and more. Once they have a detailed understanding of your finances, it is time to start talking about saving for retirement and your plans.

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