Comparing The Options In Zinc Nickel Plating Companies

One of the challenges for a new OEM is to find companies to outsource various aspects of the production and finishing of parts and components. In the past, this was a relatively simple choice with most OEMs, either using in-house production or using local companies for all their plating and metal finishing needs.

Today, thanks to improved supply chain technology and the dramatically different levels of service different metal finishing companies provide, any OEM should carefully consider more than just the options in local zinc nickel plating companies.

Services and Processes Available

Some zinc nickel plating companies only provide limited options in plating services. This also limits the plating methods they can recommend to the OEM, which may limit the possibilities for choosing the plating method that is the most effective and efficient for the given parts and components.

Choosing a plating service that may not be local but that offers a full range of different plating options may actually be a cost-saving decision. These companies can work with the OEM to carefully select the best plating method that provides the level of surface protection necessary, but also helps to maintain the lowest price per part of the plating service.

Quality of Plating

Take a close look at the quality control system the plating service has in place. Look at the standard the company sets for itself, and see if that matches the quality control your business has in place.

Not only is the quality control at the zinc nickel plating companies under consideration essential to consider, but so is the company’s reputation. Check for their on-time delivery rating as well as their customer service and support. By looking at these factors, in addition to their zinc nickel plating capacity, any OEM can make an informed choice in an outsourced plating provider.

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