The Advantages of Enrolling Your Aging Loved One in Senior Adult Day Care

by | Sep 5, 2019 | Assisted Living

More adults in the U.S. now find themselves tasked with caring for their aging relatives. Along with taking care of their children and spouses, they also have to manage the daily upkeep of relatives who no longer can live safely on their own.

When their relatives suffer from age-related challenges like dementia, their daily routines can be made even more complex. Enrolling their relatives in dementia care, however, can bring advantages that can make their family’s challenges easier to manage each day.

Memory Boosting Care

When you put your elderly loved one in dementia care, you provide services to him or her that could boost the relative’s ability to remember things. Someone with this illness tends to forget events and people from years ago. They can sometimes remember recent things better but not to the point of being able to live on their own.

The therapy provided in the care helps clients associate certain triggers with memories that they otherwise would have forgotten. It also involves playing memory games to boost connections in the brain and strengthen clients’ memory.

Respite Care

Another advantage that comes with putting a loved one in this type of care involves getting a respite from the daily stress and worry. People who take care of their aging loved ones often have to spend hours each day, making sure the relatives eat, rest, and stay safe.

The care program, however, gives caretakers a break so that they can focus on something else for a small portion of the day. They can work, take care of their children, and handle other tasks without worrying about the upkeep of their aged loved one.

You can find out more about dementia care online. Contact Jersey Shore Adult Day Care to request more information or schedule a consultation.

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