Creating a Trade Show Display That Will Truly Impress Clients

by | Jul 23, 2019 | Business Services

Before you begin setting up your trade show booth, there are a few ideas to consider that can attract more viewers. Your trade show exhibit design should maintain its focus from the top to the bottom. Avoid moving to various tangents with your design as it can become confusing for viewers. At Rockway Exhibits in Orlando, our staff can examine the products and services that you offer to develop a design that maintains the points that you want to make so that they are easy to follow without getting off track.

Viewers should be able to tell exactly what your business is about when they visit your booth. The images, videos, and wording used should blend well together to show your background as well as what you can offer to customers. Utilize colors that stand out from other booths. When you create a trade show exhibit design, try to use colors and images that aren’t the neutral colors that are often seen from other booths. Consider offering displays that viewers can interact with, such as games or videos. If viewers can get a good idea about what you offer, then they are more likely to turn into customers instead of just passersby.

A trade show booth that is playful is often more appealing than one that is precise and clean cut. Our company can provide the artwork and details that are fun to look at and interact with along with bright lights and unique designs. Once the display is in place, you need to make sure your name is prominently displayed on the booth. Consider offering a few items with your name and contact information on them that are associated with the display so that viewers remember their experience and want to make further contact with you in the future. You could also offer giveaways for products that your business sells as a way to make your name known.

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