Delicious Salmon and Veggie Burgers in Whistler Help People Limit Red Meat

For various reasons, many Canadian residents are choosing to reduce their intake of red meat. They may not want to give it up altogether, but they like the idea of having at least one day each week free of eating this particular food. When they go out for lunch or a casual dinner, they might seek out a restaurant offering a delicious salmon or veggie burger in Whistler.

Sandwich Options

Red meat comes from cows, pigs, goats, sheep and wild game. Duck and goose meat is classified as red meat too, unlike chicken and turkey. People who want to include more fish and completely meat-free meals in their diets may rely on a favorite alternative burger in Whistler. That sandwich does not include the traditional component of ground beef or meat toppings. They still can go out to eat with their meat-loving friends and relatives who want a sandwich featuring hamburger, steak or bacon.

Relevant Research

A study from John Hopkins University reports that about two-thirds of respondents to a survey said they have been reducing their red meat consumption from previous levels. Most of them said they were doing so either for health or financial reasons, or both.

An Evening Out

People definitely don’t want to give up on flavor when they order a sandwich with the main component of a veggie burger or some salmon. They look forward to an evening at Gnarlyroots Pizza & Café where they can also enjoy a variety of side dishes and an adult beverage or soft drink.

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