Why Choose a Broccoli Pizza Crust Alternative?

Remember when you only had one choice when selecting a pizza crust? Nowadays you have multiple options — from gluten free to even a broccoli-based crust. While a broccoli crust may sound out of the norm, there are many benefits associated with this veggie packed alternative. To learn more about it, and why you should make the switch, read on.

These Crusts Are Tasty

Of course, anyone who isn’t particularly fond of this green veggie may have their doubts, but rest assured that a broccoli-based crust still manages to pack a punch in the flavor department with the added benefit of eating a serving of vegetables too.

They Contain a Higher Serving of Protein

Broccoli crusts tend to have a higher protein count than flour crusts. They also tend to be gluten-free, which is exciting news for anyone who has celiac disease or is sensitive to wheat, barley, or rye. The bottom line is that they are all around healthier for you, whether you are a bodybuilder, or just the average person looking to feel better about your food choices.

You Can Customize It Any Way You Please

When you’re working with a single broccoli pizza crust, you can stack and arrange your veggies to your heart’s content to make a personalized pie.

Getting Your Hands on a Broccoli Pizza Crust

Are you excited to try this alternative, but not sure whether your grocery store carries broccoli pizza crust? You can always count on Spinato’s Fine Foods Inc. and their online store to order this veggie packed crust.

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