Eight Advantages Of Opting For Blanchard Grinding Services

by | May 17, 2019 | Tool Grinding Service

Blanchard grinding finds its origins in the experimental work conducted by the Blanchard Machine Company in the 1900s. A specialist in producing grinding equipment for metalworking companies, it arrived at a product capable of setting the standard for more than a century. Blanchard grinding (rotary surface grinding or vertical spindle grinding) provides grinders with the ability to eliminate large or multiple small parts. Blanchard grinding services involve providing vertical or spindle grinding of material from one side of a component.

Advantages of Blanchard Grinding

From the beginning, the Blanchard grinder offered certain advantages over existing grinder types. Among the eight major benefits they offer those that employed by them are

  • Stock removal: Quick removal of large amounts of stock
  • Tight tolerances: Flatness or dimensional tolerances are reached as low as of 0.001″
  • Efficient grinding method: The higher horsepower ensures efficient removal of material
  • Consistency
  • Versatility: This grinding method can grind not one but multiple components
  • Surface finishes: Not only are the results fine (to 32 Ra), they also are characterized by an attractive crosshatch, spiral pattern
  • Speed: Blanchard grinding completes the work quickly and efficiently ensuring a fast turnaround
  • Thickness: This method can address diverse thickness of the material

Moreover, Blanchard grinding services are versatile. They are capable of performing their essential functions on a variety of metals. These range from lighter aluminum to heavier tool steels. It can grind and finish bronze and cast iron; annealed steel plate and stainless steel.

Blanchard Grinding

If you are faced with a lengthy run where the parts are large and the dimensional tolerances no smaller than ±.001″, you might want to consider Blanchard grinding services. The services provided by such machines include high and speedy production rates. In fact, you can expect components of various ferrous and non-ferrous materials to whip through quickly, efficiently and effectively, reducing the overall costs of grinding to an affordable and even economic rate.

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