Find Some of the Best Deals by Making a Plan for Shopping Thrift Stores

by | Nov 1, 2019 | Shopping

When you want to go shopping but don’t have a budget that allows you to get everything that you want, consider some of the best thrift stores in St. Augustine, FL. From clothes and shoes to books and games, you can find many of the same items in thrift stores that you would get in retail stores. Here are a few tips to keep in mind so that you get the best deals possible.

Make a Plan

Before going to a thrift store, you need to have a plan for what you’re looking for and how much you want to spend. Take about 30 minutes to look through the racks and to look on the shelves to get a good idea for what the store has that day. When you see something that you know you might not be able to get again, put it in your cart until you’ve had time to think about your purchase and whether it’s something you really want or not.


Since most of the best thrift stores in St. Augustine, FL, have dozens of racks of clothes for all ages, so it could take hours to go through everything that’s available. Find the racks that have the sizes you’re looking for as a way to cut down on the time you spend shopping. Next, scan the racks for the colors that you like and the fabrics that you enjoy wearing so that you don’t look at every single article of clothing.


As with other retail stores, thrift stores tend to offer discounts on items that have been on the shelves for a long time or when they want to change the clothing with the seasons. Stores sometimes use a tag system and offer discounts on tags that are a certain color each day. Other discounts include those that are offered for seniors and sales that are held the first weekend of the month.

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