We Hear About Seniors Living Happily In Assisted Living Facilites. Is It True?

Reading online gives people the impression that seniors want to remain in their own homes and as independent as possible. Then they read that seniors constrained by health conditions to live in elderly care Sebastian FL facilities are healthy and happy. What’s the truth?

What The Numbers Say

Research by imminent and respected sources tell us that the life expectancy of American seniors is 78 years. Women outlive men. Obese women and those who smoke will not outlive men. Men and women living to age 80 tend to hang around another ten years.

These sources tell us the number one cause of senior death is falling. They don’t want to be “put in a home,” so they don’t tell anyone of the falls. Only three percent of the elderly live in nursing homes. Some seniors choose home health care instead.

But Are They Happy?

This would seem to be the case. Senior living facilities have upped their game in offering not only superior health care, but 24/7 help with mobility and medications. They offer transportation, fun activities, chef-prepared meals and snacks, and an apartment with all the amenities of home. Perhaps the one thing these facilities offer that home can’t is socialization. Seniors don’t feel alone or ignored.

Due to these innovations in elderly care Sebastian FL, research tells us that seniors are indeed happier and healthier in such facilities. There are memory care facilities in addition to senior living facilities. Both supply seniors with the same daily help with activities and medications, but memory care goes a step further to help those with cognitive problems.

Added together, these features of senior living provide the elderly with a style and quality of life they wouldn’t find at home, even with home health care. We take pride in the health and happiness of their residents. Contact or visit the website to learn more.

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