Get Cash For Your House in Dallas in Record Time Without Closing Costs

by | Jan 15, 2020 | Real Estate

You can avoid closing costs and all of the other related costs of selling your house by selling to a local investor who offers cash for houses in Dallas. There are no hidden or surprise fees, you can have cash in hand in no time at all and you can pick a closing date that suits your needs perfectly. Here’s how is works.

Selling to An Investor

When you sell your house to an investor for cash, you don’t take on the additional financial burdens of a traditional real estate sales transaction. There are no fees for attorneys, escrow, document preparation, etc.

Instead, the investor takes care of all the additional items on the selling checklist, such as surveys, verification of liens and paperwork. On your end, all you have to do is talk or meet with the investor. The investor either appraises your property in person and/or does research on his/her own.

You can expect to receive a sound cash offer within days. You select your own closing date, giving you time to pack up or relocate.

Is There a Title Company Involved?

Yes, investors who offer cash for houses in Dallas work with reputable title companies to safeguard the selling process. Title companies insure real estate transactions to protect the financial welfare of both buyers and sellers. They are state regulated and monitored by the government to ensure best practices and ethics in business.

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