What You Should Know About Tire Installation in Federal Way Washington

Upgrading your tires from “factory” to custom, can not only give you a sporty or luxurious look but it can also help your vehicle perform better, as well. If you are considering getting yourself a set of custom wheels, here are some things you should know.

Get A Good Fit

As much as you want to look good on the road, safety must always be a top priority. Having wheels that fit properly is one of the best ways to do that. When searching for

tire installation in Federal Way, Washington, make sure the measurements are taken accurately from the offset, backspace, and the overall diameter. An experienced technician will know how much clearance is needed in order for your wheels to function properly.

Choose Your Bolt Pattern

With a number of different bolt patterns available, it can be pretty overwhelming to make this decision on your own. The bolt pattern on your new tires must match those on your existing wheels in order for you to get an optimal fit. If you are having difficulty finding a bolt pattern that matches yours, contact us today, as we have thousands of options to choose from.

Keep It, Professional

Although you might be able to snag some really cool wheels from your buddy at your job, if you want wheels that are compatible with your car and safe, then you should see a professional. When you search tire installation in Federal Way, Washington, you will notice that the technicians are very knowledgeable and can answer your questions, as well as, address your concerns.

Upgrading your wheels is an easy way to give your entire vehicle a new identity and style. Contact us today and speak with a representative about getting your car some new wheels so you can ride in style, safely.

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