Hiring A Company To Do A Wood Floor Installation in Newnan GA

by | May 8, 2020 | Flooring

When someone wishes to revitalize old floors with a durable wood floor installation in Newnan GA, they will want to take the necessary steps in caring for it after it is placed. A wood floor can last for several years when maintenance is done routinely. Here are some tips one can use in keeping their new wood floors looking their best.

Take Steps To Help Stop Scratches From Occurring

It is important to take precautions so the floors do not become scratched. One should place pads on the bottoms of chair legs so they do not scrape the wood floor when they are moved. Larger pads can be applied to the bottoms of couches, cabinets, or bookcases as well. If possible, do not wear shoes upon a wood floor to help keep debris from scraping against the planks.

Clean The Wood Floors Often To Keep Dirt From Accumulating

It is a good idea to sweep floors every day or so to help in the removal of dirt. This will minimize the risk of scratching of the wood as well as help keep it looking like new. If one uses a vacuum cleaner to remove large amounts of dirt, this should be done with a soft-bristled attachment. The brush should be positioned a few inches above the floors so it does not cause damage to the finish during the cleaning process.

Keep Floors Polished So The Look Like New

A floor installation service will be able to give recommendations on the best type of polish to use for the particular wood the floors are made from. This should be applied to a soft piece of microfiber cloth to polish the floors by hand. Polish should not be applied until after the floors are cleaned so there are no obstructions in the way during the application process.

When there is a desire to have a wood floor installation in Newnan GA done to a home, a call will need to be made to a reputable service to do the job.

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