What Would Make a Pool Liner Replacement in Newnan GA Necessary?

While pool liners are intended to last for years, they will eventually need to be replaced. There are a number of reasons why a pool liner replacement in Newnan GA may become necessary. Knowing what those reasons happen to be will go a long way in helping the owner know when the time is approaching to call for help.

Normal Aging

Like any other element of the pool, the liner will eventually wear out. Even when the pool is only used occasionally, this will still happen. When the liner begins to look a little faded and drab, it is likely time to call a professional and arrange for an efficient pool liner replacement in Newnan GA.

Improper Installation

Back when the liner was first installed, the individual who oversaw the work took a couple of shortcuts. While the results were not evident at first, they have taken a toll over time. This has led to the liner beginning to develop problems much sooner than usual. At this juncture, the only practical approach is to have someone come in who will do the job properly and install a new liner.

Damage to the Liner

When the liner is punctured or otherwise damaged, there are times when patches will do the trick. If the damage is too extensive for this type of activity, the only reasonable thing to do is arrange for the liner to be replaced. While this approach may be expensive, it does offer the opportunity to change the look of the pool by investing in a liner that sports a different color.

Poor Choice of Cleaning Chemicals

At the time the original liner was installed, the client was provided with a list of chemicals that would keep the water clean and not damage the liner. If that list was not used and the client went with products that were not formulated to work with the liner, it will not last for as many years. In this scenario, the only smart move to make is replace the liner, ditch the chemicals used previously, and start over.

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