Hispanic Food Distribution in New Jersey Offers Ingredients for Meat-Free Meals

by | Dec 30, 2019 | Ford Dealer

As more people decrease their meat consumption for various reasons, owners of Mexican restaurants expand their meat-free meal choices. It’s common now to have a section of the menu devoted to these foods, and many ala carte selections are offered too so customers can build their own dinner. Wholesale Hispanic Food Distribution in New Jersey provides owners of these establishments affordable ingredients for their cuisine.

A Visit to Mexico

Some individuals believe that authentic Mexican food cannot be meat-free. They assume that the authentic meals contain beef, chicken, or seafood. However, this is a misconception. If these men and women were to travel around Mexico and visit different regions there, they’d find a broad range of ingredients, spices, and cooking styles.


Hispanic Food Distribution in New Jersey provides taco shells so restaurant customers can ask for shells filled with rice, beans, cheese, lettuce and diced tomatoes. Quesadillas are commonly found on Mexican restaurant menus with at least one vegetarian option-;the cheese and onion version-;that can be dipped in salsa or guacamole, if preferred. Guacamole and tortilla chips can be a light meal themselves.


Some dishes might be considered authentic only if they include meat, but restaurant chefs typically have no problem leaving the meat out of food orders. Customers can order a taco salad without meat, for instance. They can ask for a burrito that substitutes beans for meat. A skilled, talented chef appreciates the challenge of making the dish delicious without the ingredient many people consider most important. These chefs can get more information at the website of a Hispanic food distributor.

One point that must be considered is that authentic Mexican food may not be vegetarian even if it does not contain meat. The main issue is that refried beans, a staple on Mexican restaurant menus, commonly are cooked with pork fat. Tortillas also may be made with lard. Soup may not contain meat as an ingredient, but it could be cooked with a meat base like chicken broth. Vegans will need to avoid the ubiquitous cheese and probably the refried beans as well.

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