How To Buy and Sell a Dental Practice in San Diego

by | Feb 25, 2020 | Dental

Whether you are looking to buy or sell a dental practice in San Diego, working with a professional can make the job much easier. You have worked hard to become educated as a dental professional, investing time to handle a real estate transaction is out of your wheelhouse. Working with a brokerage that specializes in handling these types of transactions will get you into, or out of, the dental business much more easily.

Using Brokerage to Buy and Sell a Dental Practice in San Diego

The building that houses a dental facility is only one part of the practice. Equipment, patients, and being established in the areas are all assets as well. Opening your dental practice and building it from scratch is a different skill set than practicing dental work. It is no surprise that after working for years to become a dentist, you want to practice those skills.

Buying an established dental practice allows you to perform the skills you trained for. It lets you run the business and keep clients based on your skills and professionalism, rather than struggle to recruit patients in an unfamiliar practice.

If you have an established dental practice and are looking to sell dental practice in San Diego, a brokerage can help as well. Whether you are looking to retire or are ready to relocate, there are plenty of reasons that you may wish to sell your practice. The years you have invested in building a successful client base and investing in your building should not go to waste.

Attempting to sell your equipment piecemeal, selling the building as straight real estate, and leaving your established clients without dental care is not the best choice. Selling your existing and established practice to another dentist looking to go into practice on their own provides benefits to you both.

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